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My Story

I thought I knew the importance of eating well and moving more but after completing my residency in Family Medicine, the stressors of life caught up to me. 


After the birth of my first son, I found myself deep into what I would later find out was postpartum anxiety, the lesser-known counterpart to postpartum depression.


With over 10 years of studying nutrition, exercise, and medicine I thought I knew what it took to keep me well…but I fell short.


The missing link for me was healthy thinking. I was used to sprinting through life and at this pace, I eventually hit the wall. 


I’ve come up with the Pyramid of Optimal Health because I needed to reframe the way I thought about health.


Here you will learn how the foundation of our health starts in our minds.


Here you will find honest, reliable information.


Here you will feel understood because so much of the time, we simply don’t!


Dr. Shahana Alibhai is a professional speaker, family physician and mental health expert. 


She has worked with a multitude of organisations, including the University of British Columbia, Scotiabank and Remax to help the audience gain more clarity into their mental health. 


As a lead physician at one of British Columbia’s largest youth health centres, much of Dr. Shahana’s career is focused on those struggling with their mental health.


Her insights are highly sought after and she’s been featured in multiple major media, including CTV and Global. She is best known for her “Emotional Literacy for Better Mental Health” TEDx talk and as a panellist at International Women’s Day.


Dr. Shahana is a master at blending her personal story of postpartum anxiety and the resulting shame, denial and mental health challenges with her professional background in cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness meditation. Her candour, humour and refreshing honesty will shine light on a topic that is too often stigmatised and inspire authentic dialogue to keep the conversation moving forward.

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